The New Leaf

Well hello guys! Thanks for viewing my new blog.

I have decided to make a new one simply because the old one was just too distracting with the amount of beautiful photos being posted! I really want to focus on my writing & reading other’s rather than the pictures even though I love them!

So here it is.

I’m hoping I can be more ‘open’ on this one & try to express myself without the feeling of people nibbling at my soul bit by bit. Sounds crazy but I really am stuck in this labyrinth with the world & myself.

Being diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome recently this year has made it easier for me to understand myself & realise my traits just that little bit more but I can’t lie and say I feel ‘sane’ because I’m still at war with myself & this facade I build up. But it’s all a learning curve & I’m hoping I can communicate with others that have a passion for writing, expressing themselves & if there is any Aspies out there that want to have a chat I’m all ears and to anyone else of course! 🙂

Well I hope you all enjoy your day & feel free to contact me if there is any questions! I’m open to anything.

Peace & Light, MS.


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