Black Thoughts

She cries..Unsure why

Uncertainty flooding her insides

Salted tear drops fall uncontrollably

Eye liner smudged; messy

Biting her lips..She sighs

Thinking up a conclusion

This was never easy

Unanswered questions constant

What am I putting into life to get back?

Do I deserve a place here?

The world felt so small this time

Yet she knew was so big

Depending on the depression spent

What was it she yearned for?

A love she was never sure of?

A story she never believed could happen

Shattered glass awaiting a smashing

Why is there a limit to love

Efficiency seemed to mean more than love

When he could be a thousand miles away

Could the heart grow fonder?

Or was it love not worth pursuing?

Her life lived in pure darkness

This shadow, her lie

The tears are showering down now

Nowhere to turn she’s shivering now

A corner she crawls to

Nowhere to hide her emotions now

She turns to medication now

Her mind a blur controlled somehow

Euphoria takes over she’s high right now

A mistaken thought of feeling happier now

The downfall hits her hard the next morning

Stained dry tears of the blur, previous evening

Putting on a sweater she gazes in the mirror

“It’s a new day, get yourself together Maria”

-Maria Robles Series.


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