The Oak Tree.

Good evening guys 🙂 Hope your all well!

We are all constantly learning new things about ourselves. I realised that only recently after being a bit ahead of myself convinced I knew the real me very well. It was only until a conversation with my dad came about & he pointed out a few things..

I never realised how seriously I took life, everything would either make me happy or angry I was never settled. He then told me a short story about the Oak & Willow tree in the midst of a storm above them. He asked which tree I thought I was. Being the ‘strong’ person I am I obviously said the Oak tree. Well the moral of the story is, the Oak tree will appear strong and untouchable..but the Willow can upstand the storm because of it’s ability to sway with the storm, and yep the oak tree fell.

Well so yeah, I’m the oak tree in life..I need to become the willow and sway through life, be more free spirited and RELAX!!

If any one has any tips on this please let me know hehe!!




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