The Woman In Black

So, what do you do when you can no longer control the fall?

When everything that mattered, no longer matters at all

Like a fantasy scenario dreamed every night

Without realising turned into reality right before her eyes

Spinning in circles

Blood gushing with wine

Her blue eyes stand out from the darkness

The beautiful woman in black dancing

Falling down hand in hand they smile

Why has it taken so long for this?

All she wanted was the imagined kiss

Her lips against hers, erotic bliss

Lips so soft yet unforgettable

There was nothing more pleasant

Laying down looking up at the tree’s silhouette bouncing off the moon

Silence so soft yet eerie

But who cares she’s in a bubble – untouchable

Time flew so fast

Orangey red skies were peeping through the trees now

A flutter of thoughts going crazy in her mind

A sense of not knowing what comes next

She wanders home smiling

Letting the future hold the key

Just hoping for another chance to meet the gaze of the blue eyed women in black

-Maria Robles Series


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