Gloomy Morning Day Dreamin’

Good afternoon my fellow bloggers 🙂

Ahh what a weird day it feels today? It’s probably just me alone on this one. I always get these days that just feel discomforting. Like I’m just waiting for something bad to happen?

Anyway today I’m at my Auntie’s house currently laying in the garden with my laptop doing some research on the past. You know the cold wars etc..

Well in school History was never an interest. I blame this on the lazy teacher that couldn’t get our attention well enough & having ADHD doesn’t make it any easier to concentrate on these doss lessons. What I find quite strange is, looking through my Primary school reports it looks like I had a very strong interest in History and now I’ve left school all I want to do is research into it and other stuff that never really sparked any interest in high school.

So anyway I posted a recent post on my negative thinking towards life sometimes. And I just realised how can someone that understands there is more than meets the eye with the ‘system’ actually be happy in this world we live in? Millions of people suffering in 3rd world countries but almost ignored? The latest iPhone or iPad is more important than someone having to fight for their supper tonight? Sickening.

And don’t even get me started on wars. I don’t know a lot about the ins & outs of the war but I see it quite plain and simple. Why should thousands of men go to war for somebody elses arguement? Why don’t the idiots that want the war fight it out to death? It would be fewer deaths & non innocent people dying. Probably sounds quite naive but that’s how I think it should be. Not thousands of innocent families losing their life over something they have nothing to do with. The people with the higher power are cowards letting others do their dirty work. It’s always going to be the way, were their experiments. They do not give a flying sh*t about us.

Living in a world that sees nothing but power and dollar signs is enough to make me not want to be here or even bring my children up in this world and I have gone right off the idea of having children now anyway.

I’m sick of having to find out for myself that kids are born with birth defects. But oh no, they don’t want us to know about that do they! Or the reality of the poor families dying because of disease or no food to eat.

Well these are only few of the reasons I seem to have this pessimistic view on everything. And no matter how much I try to think more positive I can’t. I think the more I learn about life etc the more angry I will feel 😦

What a sick world we live in.


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