Late Night Thinking

I don’t know about you but almost every night for the past couple of years I lay and think about the most depressing thoughts..It’s almost like when I’m alone at night in my bed I start to think about the things that really do worry me, mainly being the thought of dying alone and not discovering everything I wish I could of.

Through out the day I have this second person in me take over & come across as the strong tough Maria that can handle anything life chucks at me, but as soon as I’m alone with the silence and just the buzzing loudness of my thoughts that’s when I feel vulnerable and almost like the real me?

I find it strange that I only think to write at night time also..I know there are others out there that have the urge of creativity surge through them when it’s no longer day light..

I’ve noticed over the years I have been quite pessimistic towards life, angry at the world for the way the system run things and people like myself won’t scream out for change. Bitter at those that treated me badly.

As you’ll probably notice my writings can seem unconnected, I’m just a fast thought changing human hehe.

One minute I’m thinking something then the next it’s the complete opposite..I do apologize in advance.

I wonder if any of you guys experience these depressing lonely thoughts at night? Or maybe in the morning? Let’s discuss?





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