The Man That Stained My Soul With Wisdom

When I was a little girl I used to love going with my father to his friend’s house. There was one man that I always loved being around, he was one of the purest humans I’ve ever met. His smile was so genuine & his soul was always shining bright.

Every year a few days before Christmas we would go spend hours at his place, which I can only describe as ‘chill’. It had the most relaxed comfortable feeling. He would have all his amazing paintings of the famous jazz singers on his wall, the Jack Daniel’s collection, a piano, hundreds of books & beautiful plants. The walls were a light colour but the lights always dimmed.

I loved being in his company, even when he wasn’t talking I could learn so much from him. He was a Grand Master in Juijitsu. A very wise man. He had this caring and teacher approach. He genuinely cared about those close to him, that’s what I love the most.

He would teach me how to sketch differently from the way my Art teacher in school taught me. He would let me sit in on training sessions & always had that extra bit of time for me aswell as my father.

Sadly he passed away 3 years ago.

I always get this feeling every so often that he’s watching me, It’s always when I’m having a low day I feel he’s there. If I’m unsure about a obstacle I cross he’s there. I still sit there and think about him & how weird it is that we wont be visiting him before Christmas again 😦

He’ll always be in my thoughts & he’s one of the biggest inspirations in my life.



One thought on “The Man That Stained My Soul With Wisdom

  1. That is very true!Some people are really special…they need not necessarily have to be our relatives from the family tree…but they touch our hearts from within…you are very true whilst saying that he is there with you…and you have all his support

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