50 Shades Of Grey

So I suppose near enough everyone has heard of this book by now? Well the first time I saw celebs in magazines snapped reading it, the first thing I thought was…’Ok here we go another trend’

It got to the point people were tweeting that they had gone and brought this book because everyone else is reading it? Well I’m far from a follower and thought the book sounded pretty dull anyway. Not the sort of book I’d learn anything from or find interesting in any way.

If I asked someone what they thought of the book and what the content was, the answer automatically “excellent” and the content being “erotic”. So then I think OK this is really sad now!

But it was only the other day I was having a conversation with a close friend who had randomly read the book out of boredom, I asked her what she thought of the book and was it a good read. It was her review that made me more intrigued than ever to read it all of a sudden. It wasn’t the erotic story that got me, more the mentality of the man that would do the abnormal yet probably common things that doesn’t get spoken about.

So tonight I am going to read the book & I’ll be sure to update this blog with my review on it 🙂

If anyone has read it & wants to comment their review feel free 🙂




4 thoughts on “50 Shades Of Grey

  1. oh just read it lol .. i must admit knowing that it was from her writing about belle and edward ( twilight and fan-fiction) and her stories became more erotic so she made her own website – 50 shades and then all joined up sort like you could say and so the books came about – although i would deffo recommend reading bared to you – its so much better written – very similar but i prefer it now and want to read the next two – in oct and jan like now !! theres lots coming on the heels of fifty shades however some ar not really worth it and a shame … hope you enjoy it – and please don’t let a man ever ever dominate you by controllign you – thats the thing about christian he can be seen to an buser and anna can be seen to try to fix him – dont happen in real life !!

    1. Hey, thanks for commenting.
      I’m not sure on her history with Twilight? What’s the deal with that? Did she write on those?
      I just went on the E L James website & she’s working on another love story apparently 🙂
      Oh yes one of my friend’s is going to let me read that book ‘Bared To You’ after I finish the last one which I’ll start on tonight 🙂
      I couldn’t let a man control me I cant tolerate any in the slightest. I just love their relationship. I love a caring man. And I agree with you 🙂

  2. I don’t agree, I don’t think they don’t get it I think it’s more confusion & having no mental strength to pick themselves out of the situation. In the book I think Ana is fully aware of what he is like but can still stand up for what she believes is right. It’s all about balance really. There are many ways to be abused to be honest, & it’s such a deep topic to get in to. It goes really deep but I’m sure they know the situation they are in.

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