Death – The Unspoken Topic

Sometimes when I’m laying in bed just before I shut my eyes I think…

These thoughts always drifting to the fact that I will be dead at some point. Sounds depressing I know, but I don’t really feel very down when I think it just more of a sick feeling. Then I start questioning myself.

Why am I here?

What do I want to achieve before I die?

Living in this evil world, sometimes when I’m feeling low the thought can lead to anger.

Why was I fucking brought here? I wish I wasn’t born

Not in the depressive sense, more of pessimistic view of life sense.

I can’t really explain these thoughts I just cant ignore them, I don’t feel threatened at all just very young to it all I suppose. I know these thoughts will fade in years to come with age new thoughts will come up, just annoying to have them reappear every bloody week 😦





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