Opposites Attract

I was having a discussion last night with a friend about relationships. I always get attracted to the stern controlling types, when I know that is not what I want. Me being short tempered and easily pissed off I know me & the usual type I attract wouldn’t work out.

I know the guy I could work out with would have to be calm, free & happy. The type to ignore me when I’m angry and laugh about it later. Why do these couples stick it out with pure angered arguments for so many years? When it doesn’t get any easier just worse? When the trust gets lost the controlling gets unbearable, just a war awaiting to happen.

And why do we always want the best of things? Our standards set too high that we can’t see a beautiful personality right in front of our faces but we get attracted to the really attractive man that turns out to be a horrible person. Should we set our standards lower?

I always check on the Aspergers forum once in a while to read peoples stories. A common problem being relationships. My father being Aspergic is annoying, my mother is so calm and doesn’t take anything personal which makes them stay happy and content. I realised if my mother was arguing back the relationship would turn violent and ugly.

Is there such thing as a perfect relationship?

Any discussions feel free…



9 thoughts on “Opposites Attract

  1. I feel imperfections make a relationship perfect…Just imagine couples agreeing with each each other over everything would have resulted in boredom,the spark of arguments,stupid fights make relationships special…don’t they?

  2. I totally agree, it’s similar to attracting the opposite partner…I like a guy with flaws…I like someone that isn’t ‘perfect’. Same with relationships too. Have you read the books 50 Shades …. ?

    1. I agree. I’m very hot headed and my last relationship lasted a long time cause he was very patient, laid back and just listened to me. I read 50 shades and I’ve re read it about a million times. I love it. A guy who seems perfect on the outside but has flaws. Im not perfect so I certainly don’t want someone else that is. Love this post 🙂

      1. That’s it! I haven’t really found myself attracted to the calm humble guys yet, I’ve taken time out from dating guys etc just want some me time 🙂
        OMG I love the books too, I’ve finished the second buying the third one tomorrow! Never read any book like it, I usually read books about subjects that interest me rather than a story. I really got in to it & it really has changed me! For the better.
        Have you read the third one?
        And that’s definitely it, I’m not perfect either and I appreciate a guy that feels the same.
        Thank you 🙂 Keep in touch 🙂


      2. Yes, the 2nd one is my favorite though. The third is good, hell they are all GREAT! hahah but i know what you mean! I am SOO not attracted to humble guys..they need to be loud and obnoxious like me! hahha maybe thats being too picky! oh well. I can’t have a fun time with someone that shy and won’t talk to me, right? 🙂

      3. Aww yes I really loved the second one! Can’t wait to read the third. I feel to send an email to the author asking her to write more books!! Lol 😦 I don’t want them to end 😦 I heard there’s a movie coming out too??
        Hehe same! It’s so hard finding the right guy for you. It’s all part of the excitement though I suppose 😉

    1. I’ve known from a young age my dad was different, similar to me. Were so alike. He was diagnosed after he had a stroke, he knew he had it anyway.
      What was your ex like?

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