Scuffing her dirty feet across the stone cold marble floor

She’s on a self discovery journey

Standing below the high arch of this porch way

She breathes heavily taking in the scenery

Marks on her arms indicate the pain. Anger.

Brutal scars meant nothing

She was past that.

Tree tops catch her eye

Greens fluttering.

She halts. The world stops

There’s that feeling deep in her stomach

Her nose intoxicated by this scent

She knew this smell from somewhere

Her mind works overload reminiscing skimming her dreadful past

Stopping at a fond memory

Her second home thousands of miles away

The scent takes her back to her childhood

Living in a different culture

The smells so erotic, The sort you couldn’t smell often

She falls

She releases a thousand tears

Wondering how she changed for the worse

She yearned to be with that scent once more

One day..


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