“Tut. You Live In A Fantasy World”

I’m sure it’s not only me that is in constant day dream of the perfect fantasy world?

The beauty of the imagination. Creating your ideal home, life time wish & future. Oh how easy it is to imagine all these images.

I always picture a beautiful world, green and blooming with bright colourful flowers, trees standing strong as ever. Not all these millions of houses killing all the greenery.

I picture the world all equal, no hatred or richer over poorer.

I picture a beautiful Chinese home cosy in the rain forest, a lake nearby, red & white lanterns hanging off the porch way. Beautiful Western trees along side some small bonsai trees.

In my mind the world is peaceful. Different.

I picture a different life, a calm and appreciative of every day sort of life.

I always wanted a tree house so high, a place I could light some incense sticks and meditate.

Being a lover of nature I always want to be surrounded by animals and beautiful plants, trees etc.

In my day dreams there’s always a nice beautiful red sunset.

No toxic.

I don’t ever picture myself being a rich person in my imaginary world. Living comfortably yes, Rich no.

I feel the soft touch from the silk cushions as I lay my head on my pillow in this tranquil get away.

I hear the sound of the waterfall nearby playing with the lake.

I smell the divine scent of sandalwood burning close by.

Ahh one can imagine right? 🙂 We all have a right to imagine whatever we like, run wild with it 🙂


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