Tate Modern

Good Evening guys 🙂

Hope you are all well this evening. As you can see I have posted 4 images below, these are from my day out in London visiting the Tate Modern. I’ve been once before with my art class back in school & loved it & still do. I didn’t manage to see all of the gallery as we were short for time so only got to see one floor. But I will be going back soon to spend more time there & seeing more.

I am hoping to see more of Tate Britain aswell, as last time I went that was a short amount of time also.

I took hundreds of images but put up my favourite ones that caught my eye.

I almost lost my touch with art, being fond with it in school but once I left I gave it up sticking mainly to my writing. Being at the museum brang it all back so I may put pen to paper soon 🙂

The graffiti you see is something I found under a railway bridge hidden close to a club entrance. I love it.

Hope you enjoy.



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