Some Imaginary Play – The Man In The Lobby

She walks miles..Hunting for this place..

Those glamorous killer heels she once invested in become her worst enemy.

Why did I wear these bloody things she hisses

Looking up..She arrives finally

*Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel* twinkles above in gold

Strutting in to the lobby she’s taken back by the deep brown & gold decorations

Cream marble flooring with a beautiful green and brown pattern splattered across

Chandeliers dangle everywhere

Roses & Violets bunched in vases

She saunters towards a golden velvet couch

Crossing her long elegant legs she waits

Times ticking slowly, minutes feel like hours

There it is…The figure that hypnotises her

A man she never imagined could look so good

Golden brown skin, Black curls flow delicately, Plump rosey lips & the biggest black eyes

Shes in awe of this man

She swallows, unable to speak

Approaching her she stands shakily holding a hand out

Oh my……

His touch makes her melt

Energy bouncing off each other they sit

He gestures for the waitress to take an order

“Two lattes, no foam”

She glimpes at the menu

£9.50 each!

She can no longer keep her cool

Glancing around nervously hoping for some sort of chemistry with this man

Taking her hand he locks eye contact planting a kiss there

Ahhh the sensation

Blushing she smiles

Finally the lattes arrive, she sips slowly not taking her eyes off him

Out of nowhere this beautiful music takes them by surprise

The harp!

She lets her eyes fall swaying to the gentle vibrations flowing through her

He stares, aroused

Sucking his lip he grabs her arm


Her heart drops to the floor

FUCK!..It’s really going to happen

Hand in hand they rush across the marble floor to the big aztec style doors coated in gold

Her long black locks bouncing off her back

Looking back she captures the amazing hotel lobby

It’s all going too fast

Vanishing behind the big doors with this handsome man

She lets him take her…

M.S – This is just a quick on the spot bit of writing, I might finish it off & write it properly. We shall see 🙂


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