Free Spirit

Laying my head down on the soft grass I run my fingers through the dead wheat stalks beside me

It’s a beautiful summers day, a few puffy clouds and pale blue skies linger over me

Turning on my side to face my handsome friend, I wink and smile

Slipping my sandals off indulging all my senses, the grass is cool.. refreshing lovely

My  deep passionate red dress hangs loosely off my shoulders, slim necklace drapes down my chest

It feels so peaceful in this field, no one could find this hide out

Grabbing my book and a bottle of white out of my bag

I relax. Sipping slowly taking in my surroundings

This is my element

Offering my friend some wine he drinks from the bottle classy!

Laying back down we get into a deep conversation involving travelling, culture and romance

The wine seems to have rapidly spread across me

I feel tipsy, I can’t stop smiling at this man!

He speaks more about philosophy and philanthropy

I’m in awe of this beautiful being

I feel this sudden urge to undress, no one would see but who cares!

Stepping out of my dress I throw it out of the way and skip into the tall grass

He gawks, I ignore and let my long black hair fall free

My god, I’ve never felt so free spirited!

Spinning in circles looking in to the sky I fall helplessly

Huddled in the barricade of grass, even he couldn’t find me

I laugh uncontrollably realising I feel calm for once

Disturbing my daze I hear loud footsteps closing up on me

It’s him! Shit!

Wow! He’s naked too, carrying the bottle of wine and some daisies

“For you madame”

I blush realising were both sat in the middle of no where NAKED!

“Thanks” I manage to splutter blushing red roses

Trying not to glance at anywhere I shouldn’t becomes a hard task

I fall back down holding his arm forcing him down with me

“Ahh this is beautiful” I whisper

“Especially in your company” he says anxiously

I’m no longer red rosey I’m deep angry red with embarrassment

I risk taking his hand in mine I close my eyes letting the sounds take over me

The wind is gentle

The scent isn’t a familiar one, some sort of wood maybe and flowers

I drift into a fantasy thought

Angels and harps, Whites and golds, Water lillies and ivy then him naked

Oh shit!

Glancing over to the beautiful he’s peeking at me

I want to smother myself all over him

Kiss his perfect lips

Stopping the images in my head I look back up to the sky

It’s changing

Blue to a greyish dark colour

Feeling the smile creep on my face, I’m happy to see this with him

We lay for hours sipping more and more wine

Discussing topics we wouldn’t of even touched if sober

The heavens darken now

He pulls me close to his warm body, we snuggle naked for what seems hours

His skin is like silk making me feel dreamy

I count the stars, making pictures

His brown eyes are searching mine trying to find me

I just can’t look

No amount of inner strength could let me

He takes me, pushing his soft lips on mine

A million thoughts pace my head

Oh hell, I kiss back wanting

It’s all over so quick

I feel upset, we have unfinished business!

Staring up I let the skies take me, I drift, letting the wine take over me, I gradually close my eyes..


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