Boring Days, Avoiding Nights

Hey people 🙂

Haven’t really written personally to you guys in a while so here it is, a small update 🙂

Ahh this week has been another weird one for me..After having a horrific nightmare the other night it’s left me expecting the worst to happen 😦 My imagination runs on class A drugs when I shut down, it must do. The things I dream of are just random crazy. The nightmares even worse so.

So this nightmare, it took place outside my house. So it just felt personal. I found it hard to sleep last night, worried I’d have a similar dream.

So after feeling like my world could end at any moment I feel a sudden urge that something isn’t right for me, like the plans I had for my future just aren’t me. So now I’m yet again at a point in life when I don’t know where I wanna be or what I wanna be! GRRR.

Sorry it’s short guys I will update more often (when my life becomes more exciting)


Out of curiosity guys, what kind of thoughts pop in to your mind just before you doze off?

Is there any in particular that always seem to be your last thought? Please share I’m intrigued 🙂


2 thoughts on “Boring Days, Avoiding Nights

  1. I often worry why milk is white when they eat green grass! Of course I know the reason and all the science too but I often think of this before I go to sleep! I think it’s fairly common, like your consciousness brain letting go and allowing your unconscious one to take over and give your mind a rest.

    1. Thank you for commenting 🙂

      I’ve never thought of that!
      Yeah that makes sense, I haven’t had these thoughts in a while since I read a book that kind of helped. Last year was a horrible time I thought I was hearing things etc before sleeping & having the worst anxiety but it’s a lot better now. Thanks for sharing too 🙂

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