Hidden Meadows

How strange is it that when we can feel depressed like the worlds out to get us..nothing can seem positive then. The out look on life turns blackened, short sighted & dull. There’s a feel of restriction on your ability to succeed at goals etc..

The out bursts of anger, emotional break downs & thoughts of not caring whether you live or die become the ‘norm’. You feel hideous, unworthy & a let down.

It’s a horrible place to be in mentally, yet so easy for some (especially me). In a recent post I mentioned how life feels different now, I no longer hold on to this anger inside of me, I seem to be able to release bad energy easier than before..

Well tonight I was out with a friend and her brother driving through these beautiful hills only pictured on a postcard, it was a lovely evening..Just the right breeze & the moon was peeking through the clouds. I commented on how nice it would be to come there one night & sit at the top of a hill & just relax & communicate with nature..Then this guy said one of his friend’s go there at night alone when they’re feeling depressed. He went into detail about how she’d shut off from everyone, turn into a different person etc..and all I felt was this weird feeling go through me like that was me once upon a time..I got that low yet now I’m such a happier person, I fought through it all & it seems almost crazy to think I got there..

It can happen to anyone, were all one mistake away..one mistaken path..one risk..away.

If anyone wants to talk about these feelings please feel free to comment, I’m open to discuss anything 🙂



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