Are We Ready?

I always always always think of this same situation…..

It’s a horrible scene of a war or natural disaster that turns ugly etc..

But what I always fear is that a lot of us are not mentally prepared for this. Living in the UK there isnt really any bad natural disasters just bad gusts of wind or rain but nothing deadly.

The world we live in today is so celeb crazed, money obsessed & techo focused that we no longer seem to be seeing anything that would frighten us. I mean what would happen if there was a danger of war & black outs had to happen, shelters had to be built? How would the modern age actually cope?

So much has changed for the worse that I dread the day. I’m not naive I know anything can happen whether they tell us about it or not…I just wonder why humans have changed, why we care more about stupid things than nature around us..

Sorry this post seems to be looking like a bit of jumble mess I’m having problems piecing it all together in my mind I do apologise!


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