Living In The Past Or Future, Where’s The Present?

Why are we in this habit of living life in the past & future..not so much of the present?

I started reading one of Paulo Coelho’s books and he pointed this out which caught my eye & has been playing on my mind ever since. Quite strange really that it takes certain words to stick to mind.

I do agree though. I used to live my life focused on things I did wrong in the past or the bad things people done to me in my past, and it was only recently this year that I was able to let go off these negative cling ons staying with me everyday then. Also there’s the good memories we wish stuck with us everyday..always wanting a similar experience to match that good feeling etc…

Then there’s the focusing on the future. Yes we all strive towards a goal in the future or see a perfect life we would love to lead but when we get there in god knows how many years will we regret how we wasted our time focusing on one thing so bad & not focusing on the present?

I always read of people growing old & regretting not taking risks or leading a happy life, and I do not want it to happen to me.

I’m not sure really how to live in the present, sounds strange but I just don’t know, it’s easier to plan ahead or leave something for another day..But I know the wild, spontaneous child is lurking in me..She’s always yelling at me to take risks & enjoy life.

I want to know you guys opinions on this topic, do you agree?

I want to know what you guys focus on? Does your past still linger?

Feel free to comment 🙂


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