Useless GPs

What is it with doctors chucking medication at mental problems?

Every time I’ve gone to the GP about feeling low, anxiety problems etc they just chuck some anti-depressants at me! This drives me crazy! Why disguise the problem? That’s not getting to the root of anything. GRRR.

I have taken so many different types (not for long got sick of each one) and it only ever helped me the first time I ever taken some to make my mood brighter but the problem was still there. It was me who made the suggestion that maybe I should talk to someone.

I even told my GP that I wasn’t interested in the pills anymore & prefered to have some one to actually help me with what I was struggling with rather than not & get more stressed out.


Arrr sorry about the rant guys just had to put it out there today lol 😦

Are all GPs like this???


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