A few weeks ago I finally brought Paulo Coelho’s latest book ‘Aleph’ and have only just picked it up to read.

I absolutely love Coelho’s books they are beautifully written & always seem to make it feel personal. Almost as if I’m that person in the book. Anyway I’ve read 2 chapters so far & already have learned something.

What really caught my eye was the part about us humans always living in the past or rushing into the future but never seem to live for the present..He writes..’Past and future only exist in our mind. The present moment though is outside of time, It’s eternity.’ I love this quote & ever since I read that have tried to live for the moment. It is very hard because there’s always a goal set in the future etc or it’s money issues waiting for your next wage check etc..But why can’t we just relax & enjoy life? I want to have lived my life, I don’t want to be in my death bed still mad at the past.

I sometimes feel ashamed.

People around me seem to be progressing in their careers etc, but they aren’t always happy.

I on the other hand, still at the age of 22 have no idea what I want to be, no idea where I want to go or what the future holds. Part of me doesn’t care but the other part knows I can succeed if I wanted to..I just don’t agree with the 9-5 job working until I die, what’s the point in living? I want to do a job I really enjoy, something I can love to wake up for & be the best at.

I can see myself still on the road to discovery in 10 years time. I can’t see myself finding myself, maybe we never will know what our abilities are, maybe that’s the art of life?

Who knows..

If anyone has read ‘Aleph’ or any other book and wants to comment on them feel free I’m open to read new books..



2 thoughts on “‘Aleph’

  1. Life can be tough, that’s for sure. I know exactly the trouble you’re describing. I’m 23-years-old, and I’ve made great progress in my “career” — but money-wise, you can hardly tell. I’m sometimes jealous of others because they have a full-time, steady job, whereas I’m left worrying about my next paycheck. I’ve experienced huge success in what I do … but it’s just not a lucrative profession. On the other hand, the people I’m jealous of are often miserable and feel “stuck.” The trade-off can be that you have a crappy but reliable job that pays well, or you have a job that pays nothing but allows you to do what you love, with no promise of security. These are the loaded questions we ask ourselves every day, unfortunately … And sometimes we feel guilty for relaxing instead of working harder — like we’re wasting opportunities and time.

  2. I’ve never been able to hold a job down, probably because I got stuck with the ones I had no interest in. But then an again I’ve always been the free spirited type. I would be happy back packing around the world but I’m lacking one thing; courage.
    I believe that money isn’t the be all and end all inless we make it that way. If your unhappy then do something that will make you happy & when that no longer makes you happy keep striving for the path to happiness. Life is too short to stay in a dead end job your not satisfied in. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with people that are career chasers it’s just never been me.
    I wish you well on your journey. Feel free to comment any time.


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