Dealing With Aspergers. Part II

I thought the diagnosis would bring a clearer view on life..

I genuinely thought it would make some situations easier to get through but it’s actually starting to irritate me even more! Being diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome made a lot of the pieces come together, it was the missing puzzle piece, but growing up in a main stream school and having friends close to me since then I have become used to SOME social situations.

Anyway I was asked to go around this woman’s house that I sometimes babysit for for a ‘chat’. So already I’m feeling anxious because I thought I was going to babysit..I don’t even know this woman or even really care about her ( sounds harsh but it’s reality ) she is no one I need or want in my life & the thought of it turning into a friendship makes me nauseas. So she’s talking away telling me her ins & outs of her partner being a bad person etc..I’m still not interested. Then she starts coming close to me to act out what he would be like with her which made me incredibly uncomfortable & probably would anyone.

So minutes turn into an hour and I’m getting bored & impatient. Then she asks me if I can babysit a load more nights in the future which then I had to tell her my situation. I told her I’m sorry I have Aspergers & I’m not sure if I can help you. It’s not somewhere I feel comfortable & most nights I like to be alone, yes doing nothing exciting but that’s what I like to do. Not be at some persons house I hardly know! Then she says’ Aww bless you honey’…’I wouldn’t of thought you had that’

So at this point im fuming. How dare she ‘aww bless’ me..I’m not a child, I’m not a idiot or foolish. How patronising! I wanted to kill her at this point. And to say she didn’t think I had that made me feel even more angry. She doesn’t even know me at all! She doesn’t understand that I don’t go around miserable every day of my life like Aspergers people have to be depressed..It’s as if they expect me to be a depressed person that can’t even talk to someone.

Yes I felt very uncomfortable but I’ve been in these situations for years now it’s something I’m used to, but once I walk out of that house & I’m alone I’m the real me. If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know already I struggle with who I am etc…

But yes sorry about the rant guys I’m just furious with this comment. Aspergers people are not all the same..we are individuals too! Give me strength!!


If anyone also has problems dealing with ASD/ADHD feel free to comment, let off some steam hehe.


7 thoughts on “Dealing With Aspergers. Part II

  1. girl, i had to blow some steam off on my blog today. or more accurately, in the comments on my blog. some nasty person decided to visit my blog and tell me i do not, in fact, have asperger’s (i’m in the process of seeking a formal diagnosis). what she said really hurt, because it was so unnecessary and not in any way constructive.

    so, how long has it been since your diagnosis, and how old are you (if you don’t mind me asking)? i’ll go read the first part of your “dealing with aspergers” posts. :]

    1. These posts are related to Aspergers further down my blog..
      ‘Living a Double Life’, ‘Aspergers & Words’ & ‘Opposites Attract (I think or it may be ‘Ahh the Eyes’)

  2. I am now following. Ahh I’ve been there too, It’s really not nice. I had it from someone I was friends with..I turned to her when I decided to go through with getting a diagnosis etc..& was told to ‘stop diagnosing myself’ & do you know what, it really isn’t worth trying to explain to these people what’s going on. Firstly they see what you let them see, & secondly they’ll never understand what goes on in your mind. I’d try to ignore these people. I find it hard myself when people don’t believe me etc but then I think to myself they don’t know the real me so it’s not worth the bother.

    People can be very rude especially over the internet as they can’t see you etc but don’t let them get you down. Can always msg me if you want to talk about anything πŸ™‚

    I got diagnosed in May this year. I am 22. What about you?

    It’s right at the bottom I think one of my first few posts, have you found it yet?

    Thanks for replying πŸ™‚

  3. I got diagnosed with ADHD about a month ago, and since I think it would do me good to try out meds, I started seeing a psychiatrist about last week. She suggested that I might have asperger’s, tho she doesn’t work with autism spectrum, so I might have to find someone else for a formal diagnosis.

    Throughout, tho, my biggest worry has been the significant other. He’s been saying that I wasn’t as bad as I thought, and that maybe, it’s all in my head and that I should take more responsibilities in my life. I’ve thought about what he said, and I think, while it might be true, I do have more problem in socialising and organising than a normal person would. I figured, there’s no harm in trying out meds. The other problem is that I have eating disorder. So now, in order to get ADHD meds, I have to go see a nutritionist on a bi-weekly basis -.-

    Back to the significant other bits, I wonder if it’s me accepting that I’ve got problem, or it’s him being in denial that I’ve got problem… I wonder if an MRI scan of my brain would help clarify matter… “see here? I’ve got thinner than normal grey matter layer!”

  4. Hi @ chibiPanda, Thanks for the comment, hope you are well.
    Just a random Q but how old are you if you don’t mind me asking? Just curious.
    I’m also curious as to why you would like to take the tablets? (I’m a curious person) hehe.

    It could be true that you also have Aspergers Syndrome, I got diagnosed with Aspergers & have some traits of ADHD so am able to go on the meds for ADHD if I wish & can go for a further test but yes they do run together apparently.

    I’ve experienced mixed reviews when I told people about the Aspergers before I got diagnosed. People close to me agreed & supported me, and people not so close thought there was another excuse.

    I would like to think he’s in denial about it all, sometimes people don’t like to think of anything being ‘wrong’ with someone they love or are close to. But I think you just know when you have Aspergers. It’s like a crazy world in my mind, drives me mad sometimes but it’s also normal to me. You just know, so if you agree with your psychiatrist it really is worth going ahead with it. Figure it out πŸ™‚

    Please let me know if anything changes etc I’m intrigued.

    Take Care,

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