Please Heart Forgive Me…

Daggering eye glances

Loss of breath..


Her heart sealed with a kiss

Locked with a key

The only protection she needed


Dancing, Whirling around underneath the flashing lights

His hands lightly stroke her lower back

She stiffens


Her heart was lying to her

Her heart knew what she needed

Pounding harder the closer they brushed together


Her thoughts overload

She’s lost in him

Grasping his hand in hers

She’s abandoning her heart


Clenching even tighter

Her heart won’t give in

It’s been opened & slowly broken too many times before


Feeling his breath on her neck she loses it

Falling in to his hold

No intentions of leaving

The piano keys playing rhythms

Spreading waves of joy around her body


Her heart is beating stronger now

Why him?

Your only going to get hurt again..


Laughter fills their little galaxy of lust

Holding her back he forces a kiss on her

Biting her lip as he pulls away

She’s completely lost in him

A dance took her


Skipping beats the heart relaxes


Tightly grabbing her hand

He whisks her away

“I need you” a whisper so soft it hurt

So she runs


The heart is no longer curious

What a foolish woman

She’ll only be left broken


Her mind can no longer control the thoughts

All she needed was him

Not caring anymore

The past is to be forgotten


Please heart forgive me…




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