Any Tips Guys?

Hey guys,

How are we? I know I’ve been neglecting this site yet again, it doesn’t mean I haven’t had anything to write just had a lot going on recently. I was clearing out some of my old journals & note books the other night & had a shock when I looked through last years diary..I was going through depression (pretty rough) and couldn’t believe the way I was feeling! Like the transformation over the past year is remarkable. I even had a laugh with a close friend about the stuff I was writing it just didn’t feel like me, and at that time in my life there was no light, well that’s what I thought & here I am feeling loads better. Still feel like I’m stuck in this rut, not sure where I want to be in life or who I’m going to be but I know I can conquer 😉

I haven’t really caught up on any poetry yet either. But that will come when it’s ready & as for the book writing that’s another story. If any of you guys have any tips for story writing I’d love to hear back from you 🙂


Any way guys just a short post today just letting you know I haven’t forgotten this site hehe.





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