Passenger On Route To The Unknown

The wind blasts through the car windows, open wide enough to smell the fresh air

It’s dark now, glorious

Stars so distant, but close enough to connect with

Nothing but the sound of soft Indie playing in the car

Locks of hair twisting with joy

Closing of eyes embracing the moment

The feeling of being on a different planet

No one interupting my thoughts

The breeze is cold but beautiful tickles my skin

Why can’t this last forever?!


– M.S


Ever been in that moment when your in the passenger seat of a car, it’s a blissful evening, the beautiful scenery whizzes past you whilst you listen to loud relaxing music that gets you thinking? Ahh I love that more than anything. One of the main reasons I want to travel the nooks & crannies of the world just enjoy every step of the journey…



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