Take A Walk In My Shoes….

Everyday random people will pass each other in the street and within seconds our minds are analysing every detail on that person. We constantly judge others & yes I am guilty of it sometimes.

I lay there in bed awoken by his booming voice.. ‘YEAH….’CAUSE IT’S THAT BITCH IN THE OTHER ROOM’
It’s a frenzy of heart beats, rage & tears.
I want to smack his lights out.

Pulling out my close friend..the journal. I start my normal routine of writing how I feel with tears falling down my face making me even more angry. I then sit there & think to myself, people constantly judge me and my life. They criticise me on the good & the bad, yet they have no idea what I go through..They haven’t walked in my shoes.

People look up to these celebs wanting to live their life, not even knowing anything about what really happens. People judge others quickly on social networking sites, I’ve been there. I used to post tweets ignoring anything to do with how I really felt just to forget them negative thoughts for a while. Yet I am a weak person. I’m too frightened to tell anyone how I feel because I worry they’ll judge me, assuming I’m a weak person.

This week I’ve learnt quite a bit. I’ve come to realise how I find crying a weakness even though I’ve seen people I consider ‘strong’ cry. I’ve realised I judge others too, especially when I feel like crap. It doesn’t even benefit me, I never really ever judged anyone.

I realised that I have a problem with locking up everything inside me. I get mad when people don’t understand me or know the real me but I never show the real me.

Throughout life we make mistakes & will learn..It’s never going to stop, there’s always space for mistakes and misjudgement. I feel now that I’m being as honest I can be with people & trying to be more open. This blog and my journal are probably the only places I do feel I can open up, even though there’s random people reading this it’s slowly helping me.

Thanks for reading,
Peace & Light..Especially those struggling in the darkness..



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