Lover of Light & Crowded Bars.

Her mind’s already drifting off..


She staggers down the narrow alleys admiring the bright lights exposing the tall beautiful buildings.

The darkness doesn’t frighten her here, it’s some what stunning. She loves it here.

Out of no where a herd of people all smiles come stampeeding down towards her, the smiles contagious. Her mood changes, even though all alone she feels naked and free.

A lover of the light.

Once the buzz of laughter dies down, she sighs..what now?

Sulking & craving a life she spots an Italian restaurant

Not interested though, loss of appetite

Staggering further down the alley she feels a tender soft vibration in her ears..

What is this beautiful sound?

The strum of guitars & stomping off feet..

The rhythm fast and catchy

Within seconds she’s standing outside an old wooden door with lights peaking through

Peering through the cracks, her eyes widen with excitement

Banging of glasses, chanting of Cheers, people dancing on wooden tables, love filled the room, everyone loved the music..They were all embracing it together.

Before she could stop herself she’s anxiously stepped in..

Taking deep breathes she wonders if this is too much for her…..

A wide eyed man grabs her waist grinning, spinnning her round & round & round..spirals.

Her heart was doing backflips, somersaults & bloody cartwheels!

Looking down she notices her foot tapping to the beat, her hands running through her long dark hair, she lets go.

Fuck it..

The band plays louder teasing the crowd including her

She never felt so care free in her life

People wasn’t as bad as she thought..

Sipping on more ciders, she collapses on a table with a bunch of hippies blowing O’s

Smiling her big beautiful smile.. ‘who cares’?!

I’m free…


Snapping out of her day dream she sighs in pain…

If only that was reality & not a fantasy.









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