What a Strange Day..Comments Welcome :)

Evening guys.. 🙂

It’s 1:35am here in the UK and I’m currently sat here listening to Sinead O’Connor’s -Nothing Compares To You..I’m not sure how I’m feeling about this, I tend to lay off the emotional songs unless I’m really feeling sorry for myself or just in one of them moods. Ah well it’s a beautiful song anyway.

I haven’t written to you guys personally in a few weeks it feels. It’s been a weird week for me, I spent the day shopping with my mum yesterday which put me in a good mood until we were on the way home, stuck in traffic. Whilst in traffic I looked to my left to take in the scenery only to be pissed off at the fact half the trees had been cut down!

I’ve always been a lover of nature at heart and seeing chopped trees puts me in a weird mood. It was like a smack in the face. It was a snippet of what the world will become one day. Just buildings everywhere racking in the money..I mean that’s all they care about isn’t it? Not the beauty of the world and what keeps it happy, alive & beautiful.

It is pretty much the way for them power obsessed idiots, caring only for themselves, the money they can gain & not really giving a cr*p about the future generations. It really saddens me sometimes.


I also had another weird situation arise. I was in the food store with my mum and an old man started quizzing me on my age & whether I was in a relationship. So the age thing really put me off edge, only because it felt odd to say I was 23. I felt younger. Not really sure how much younger just felt a bit dooming to realise I had grown up so quickly, I left so much of my life behind but haven’t been doing anything with it?!

Just one of them days I suppose. I’ll have to think more on that & the changes I’ll make to make my life a better one 🙂


I hope you all are having a fun week? Fill me in on your adventures I’m intrigued to know what you all wish for in life, what you would love to achieve & what your most happy with. 🙂

Good Night.



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