How I Feel Today..

Hey guys,

Hope your all sticking to your New Years resolutions! Just a short update, haven’t really written one in a while.

Life is going pretty well for me at the moment.. I’ve been sticking to my healthy eating & work outs at the gym. In fact I really enjoy getting my body, mind & soul back on track. I’ve even started doing Yoga which I love! I never thought I’d get into it but it has made my body feel strong, healthy & calm. Never felt so relaxed..I now use it as a stress reliever in the evenings (it really does work).

I have been thinking a lot recently about my life & how to go about getting where I’d like to be. As you all know if you’ve read my previous posts I’m not fazed by a career it’s mainly goals I feel I’d love to achieve personally. So at the moment I’ve been looking into working with rescued animals & some charity based work.

Talking of charities I also was quite interested in taking part in a walk or run this year, but the walk that caught my eye the most is the Trailwalker for Oxfam (Gurkha challenge). It is a incredibly long walk, which can take upto 30 hours if the full walk is done. I’m the type to ignore the miles & concentrate on getting it done, so my goal is to take part in this one next year. I can’t even imagine how amazing it will feel to complete it, through sweat, pain & tears it will be so worth it!


I’ve noticed now I’m growing old & becoming more mature, things that would bother me in my past are nothing now. I realised the things I want to focus on I will & nothing will distract my thoughts now. So yes I am feeling quite positive today & hopefully can feel this way through out the year 🙂

Thanks for reading guys, if any of you out there have any info on charities etc get in touch. Comments always welcome! 🙂

Have a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “How I Feel Today..

  1. Hey it looks like it has been awhile since your last update. Hope you’re still motivated! It sounds like you’re making some good decisions. Keep up the hard work!

  2. Thanks guys, glad you liked this post. I’m glad you found it inspiring @justgs 🙂 and yes @greenembers I find it quite annoying that I jot down notes through out the days but never find myself updating my blog as often ( that will change soon 🙂 )
    I am having up & down days at the moment but still pushing myself to go gym lol! Thank you stay in touch.

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