I’m a Dreamer – Part 1. (comments welcome)

Don’t criticise my dreams, they are mine

Imagination out of this world

Nothing impossible here


Take me away please

I hate it here

There’s no love here

Jealousy & envy is all I see


Collect me on a magical rug

Add some sparkles just for touch

Whisk me somewhere exciting

Calmness & Peace is what I need to see


In my dreams there are no soldiers

No in my dreams there are warriors

Warriors of peace & light


No puffy coloured clouds here in my dreams

Just clearness

Nothings black & white here

You’d love it


Mind games don’t exist here

Power doesn’t exist here

Greed doesn’t exist here

Love on the other hand…


Sit back..enjoy the ride on my glittery rug

No looking back now..

Were almost there..


Close your eyes as you enter

Brace yourself….

I want to show you how beautiful life should be

Go on…Open your eyes now

We’re here..


(To be continued….) If anyone wants to add to this feel free 🙂 Use your imagination, the world’s your oyster 😉




2 thoughts on “I’m a Dreamer – Part 1. (comments welcome)

  1. It wouldn’t be as special..That’s what I love about dreams, they are completely out of the ordinary ( well mine are ) and that’s the beauty of it. If we could pull the strings it wouldn’t be interesting anymore there would be no hope 🙂

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