13th March Update

Hello people.. 🙂

How are we all? Hope you are all seeking in life and finding 🙂 I have been struggling really bad this week with the whole change of eating habits etc..I’ve kept up gym but have had the odd binge here & there resulting in loss of determination. It’s like I’ve forgotten why I wanted this in the first place. I suppose it’s good I’ve spotted the signs of slacking so I’m making a promise to myself to get my a** in gear 🙂

I recently got myself worked up after looking at these animal cruelty websites online..(don’t know why I do it sometimes) I mean it’s 4am & I’m on google like a mad person researching every bit of fear or anxiety I have in life & manage to get on to this.

I mean I’m very passionate about animals more so than humans really. They don’t judge us or hurt us they are the best companions around 🙂 Anyway around Christmas time I realised I wasn’t that happy about eating meat. I would question my dad about it and he reassured me it wasn’t so bad for us because we eat organic from the farm but even still it doesn’t really make me happy. It’s something very new to me at the moment, I’m not sure how I feel about this one & what changes I’m ready for. It’s definitely something I’m going to consider & will probably be more easier for me to make when my healths in check.

I realised this week I still have quite an immature streak in me but I love it, who needs to grow up? What for? 🙂 I don’t need to prove anything to anyone let me enjoy myself!!!

I really am starting to adjust to this ‘letting go’ vibe. I am trying very hard to embrace the present day also 🙂

Anyway guys I wish you all the best & feel free to comment..

Have a wonderful exciting week..Try something different..I mean you only live once & all that jazz… 😉




2 thoughts on “13th March Update

  1. I hear you on the struggling with the diet thing. It does get better but now and again something will slip. The important thing is to keep trying harder, like you are doing! So kudos! 😀

  2. It really does irritate me because I know how much I want it, but it’s like the longer time passes the determination wears off almost. Any tips on getting that back @greenembers lol 😦 Thanks for the kind words I really am going to try and keep it up despites the falls 🙂

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