The Whisperer Inside Me..

I’m trying to hear those whispers

Why are they so distant?

Is this my mind teaching me a lesson?

Should I even care?!

Words are jumbled like a washing machine

Do I even know what I mean?

Late night paranoia kicking in

For fuck sake not again!

Unanswered questions picking at my brain

Why is this world we live in fucking insane?!

This shouldn’t be right..

What ever happened to human rights?

Black & White constant

Lacking the grey matter

What’s the bother?

Where’s equality when you need it?

I ask myself with wide eyes..

What’s the point?

Am I really that fucked up woman you see

When really your eyes can’t see what I see..

So the story goes on..

No amounts of money can change this

Are we really this shallow to believe it’s the only way?

Be the change he tells me daily

Tapping away on the latest technology

Wasting the time away

Starting to believe we are all cowards in this cruel world

Helping no one but ourselves

The whispers are back again..

So quiet they hurt

They’re always there..

That reminder of what I can be..

What I want to be..

Maria Series.


2 thoughts on “The Whisperer Inside Me..

  1. Thank you @seankortis ๐Ÿ™‚ I find I have all these thoughts so often but find it very hard to put them down..My writing tends to be a bit all over the place but I try hard to get my views out there lol! Glad you enjoyed ๐Ÿ™‚

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