Who Are We Trying To Impress?

Go on..Take a long hard look at me

Analyse all of me

Look deep into my eyes

Give me your best shot

Judge every inch of my story


Mind starts playing tricks on you

Guessing I’m just your average Joe

Yet little did you know..

Just a blank canvas showing no signs

Stumbling through life straying from the lines


Were just alike you & me

A somebody trying to be a somebody

Always craving..

Is it admiration from yet another somebody?

Or simply fuel for our own egoistic minds


I wonder..Who is it we try to impress?

The stress mounts higher for whom?

Surely we wouldn’t do it to ourselves?


Yet were all the same beings

Walking down the road, judged for just being

Please release me from this living

Depression & hatred in a world that’s so giving



Maria Series.




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