Lovers Fairy Tale

Inhaling all of you..

Craziness overflows my mind

Over the top thoughts of kidnapping you

All to myself..


No one near us to break us

A world only we could conquer 

Build together, stronger & stronger

Only you & me baby..Please baby


Let’s tie our hands together

Where you go.. I go honey

Never leave me alone here


Come into my world

Where the dust that showers you glitters

Let your senses be teased 

Trust me..You won’t want to leave


Time doesn’t exist here

I promise you..

Embrace with me, the beauty of everything growing around us

So slow we never got the chance to catch it


Lay on my lap honey..

Try to see what I see..

A picture perfect world

No disturbance, just you & me baby


Let’s chase shooting stars until dawn

Take in the beauty of silence before the sun sings

And when she sings we shall dance

Hand in hand until we are no longer able


Long story short honey..

I need you more than you think

And…If my life does fly by in the blink of an eye

I want you to be in it..


Maria Series.


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