May Update

Hey guys, 

How are you today? 

Just a short update. Well I’m proud to say I dragged myself to a Zumba class with my mum on Monday..It was pretty crammed in there but after a while I relaxed and really enjoyed myself. It was a upbeat easy to follow class that had me drenched through with sweat! Can’t wait for the next class already. 

So I’ve been keeping up my workouts at the gym, weighed myself the other morning & have lost a stone 🙂 I feel so proud of myself. I haven’t been monitoring my weight through scales I usually do measurements as I do cardio & weights to gain some muscle & definition but was pleased to see that. 

I’ve been happy to see all these bright beautiful flower pictures on Instagram too. It’s brightened my mood. 

Anyway I’ve got writers block again..Really annoying ATM because all I want to do it write up something.. 

So I’ll leave it here for now. Fill me in on your week though if you have the time I’m interested 🙂



3 thoughts on “May Update

    1. @greenembers Thank you very much for those kind words : ) Means a lot. Lol! Where are you from? Thanks for keeping in touch also : ) Peace!

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