Take Me Back To That Place Everyday..

She’s draped in her best colours

Deep erotic reds & expensive golds

Figure hugging, spilling succulent breasts

Aroma sweet & tasty, good enough to eat


Fierce black locks hit her lower back

Falling in all the right places

Piercing brown eyes, mirroring an unreadable soul

Pursing her red stained lips..

She enters..


Approaches her usual spot at the bar

She eyes up the rum & coconut cocktails


Licks her lips before letting them kiss the glass


Bartender’s thinking one thing only..



Her eyes turn fuzzy

Her world swirls

Enough is enough, time for bed


A busy night in the bar again 

Click Clock of her heels take her back to the usual spot..

Here a man approaches, she brushes him off

‘Not now dickhead’ she sighs

Bluntly walking away, lets head home in silence


Stepping in to lounge she kicks heels flying

Wipes make up off roughly 

She cries..

Picking up a photograph seeing her old self with her dead lover

Why she asks?! 

Looking at the bar in the background 

The one they met at, spent most nights at


The only place that made her feel like he still existed here

Letting it take her back to that moment every night


‘Never judge a book by it’s cover’ & ‘Never judge someone’s story’ 

(A poem I write 2 years ago, not sure how I feel about this one it’s not really appealing to me now but thought I’d post it anyway 🙂 )


Maria Series




5 thoughts on “Take Me Back To That Place Everyday..

  1. Well, it does appeal to me with the ironic double sayings that were so conveniently placed at the end. “‘WHY?!’ she asks?” Because it’s easier to “hide” in that shallow, busy bar filled with mask-wearing people and memories than to face the honest, deep-down truth that these life patterns are no longer working. Will she ever know…? I’d like to hope so…

    1. Thanks Anthony! 🙂
      I’m glad you like it..I wasn’t keen because it was one of the first poems I wrote (I was routing through my old notes & found it *covers face*) & didn’t have much confidence in it.
      I hope so too.. 🙂

  2. For me this piece hinged around the barbed assessment from the bartender – how wrong can a man be?
    There is a degree of repeated hopelessness in the routine and I feel for the lady.
    Glad you posted it.

    1. I find we can all be judgmental in life sometimes before we ever truly know someones story etc. We are quick to jump to assumptions!
      I’m glad you like it 🙂

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