Sore Fingers; When The Birds Chirp It’s Safe To Sleep..

Staring at this ice sculpture floating meters above us all I gulp. ‘What on bloody earth?!’

Only moments ago I spotted a man sat underneath this thing..Out of nowhere I hear voices chanting, ‘god knows what they are saying!’ My instinct urges me forward to check this shit out! 

Really… Is this really a Buddha I’m seeing? So I must be safe then..surely! Relaxing & believing this is a good sign I stare in awe. 

From the depth of my ears I can hear screams & chaos. Turning without a doubt I see four tornadoes standing tall & still. What the fuck is going on?!  My second thought is to touch them..So I wonder over & slowly skim my hands in between the dust & debris. I feel a sudden stillness, it stops my breath for a moment. Not sure of what to make of all this I try to convince myself everything is alright..I mean there is a frozen Buddha floating over there..Yet it all still felt quite bizarre. 

*POOOOF* That’s the Buddha. He’s dissolved into a pile of clothes & a dead man sits in the same place. It didn’t feel so safe or righteous now.

I decide to leave. Three other guys joined me which I secretly was so grateful for I mean how could I do this alone?! I have no idea what awaits! So we make our way to this light house looking tower. Inside this block awaits our destiny and hopefully an escape to whatever chaos was happening here!

Treading carefully up the spirally stair case we stagger up the last few steps gasping for air. We bump into three macho looking guards. This looked far too serious for my liking. I glance around finding my ground. I notice two giant black doors. Without mentioning a word one of the guards swings open a door for us waiting for us to pile in. Once we’re in he starts talking in a deep & non readable tone. He states that this is one of two port holes that will transport us to a different destiny of choice, all we have to do is chant for it. 

All I can remember hearing was some jibberish I’ve never heard in my life. These guys seemed to know what they were asking for! Anyway when it had felt like eternity had passed it went silent in there. After a second or two the door swings open. The same guard is there? What the heck?! Did it work?! Did it go our way?….

The guard picks up a walky talky looking device & speaks a few words, I can over hear him mentioning “No, it hasn’t worked”..I felt sick with fear, not that he had said it failed but at the fact he was lying. I can see from the window that things looked different out there. It was a forest, a beautiful forest! Sunshine was beaming through the windows. Why has he lied?! Out of nowhere I find I’m opening the window & throwing the guard out of it along with the other two. “They are fucking lying to us!” I scream.

A big clang of the other porthole door startles us. Four women poured out knowing their destiny was granted but not yet knowing the sick story that just took place only seconds ago. My eyes meet this young lady in a white dress dancing to the sound of laughter. From the corner of my eye I spot a rope attached to her the bottom of her instinctively I bite the rope until it breaks.

But I couldn’t let go…A flashback to hours before when we were making our journey to this place made me remember the lever outside the building attached to a piece of rope…But why?! Unsure of what would happen I cling on to it in pain. Waking up to my own reality in cold sweat & sore fingers.I had literally woken up pinching my fingers together to the point of pain only to realise I was gripping nothing..It was all a sick dream.



2 thoughts on “Sore Fingers; When The Birds Chirp It’s Safe To Sleep..

    1. If I have a detailed long dream I write them down, it’s crazy how wild they can be! Yes in my dream it freaked me out a bit! *shivers* Oooo

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