Negative over rules my Positives so here it is…      Those dreams you wish you never woke up from. The vibrant glow of beautiful flowers saying hello. A penny in the wishing well. The taste of a juicy watermelon when the heats soaring. The feeling of appreciation to put food to my lips. That book you get into for hours, days, weeks escaping the harsh reality for a little while. The bass loud vibrates through me. The moon in all her beauty. Those precious pages ink flows onto. That friend you can be crazy in front of. The sound of rain drops when you need a hand getting off to sleep. That piece of chocolate that gets you through tough times. Watching movies on the big screen. Riding the bicycle for miles feeling care free. Herds of horses galloping. Waking up in the morning with a clear mind. Connecting with people that understand your struggles. The scenic views. Taking a trip to the unknown. The beautiful illustrations. Words worded beautifully. Graffiti hidden. That snug cuddle. Talking to myself never felt so sane. Reminiscing. Stunning images, tall mountains, green grass & red sunsets; wish I was there. The candles alive, bouncing off the walls, flickering for hours. That splendid roof over my head; forever grateful. Piano keys; Black & White just my way of thinking. Silence exists; Thankful. Living in hope, in time I will find you. Stars…hundreds of them, grateful for the inspiration. Love I am grateful. The ability to walk effortlessly; thankful. Existing; beautiful/lucky. Bright flowing dresses. Water please!. I am a dreamer, pinch. Those puffy clouds owning the sky. The sounds of birds chirping brings me back to reality again. Pigeons are just as beautiful as doves. Cool grass saves me from the heat. Staring at the darkness; relaxed. That comfy bed that gets me every night, I love. Delivering the dreams. I am thankful.


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