6 Greatest Myths about Autism Spectrum Disorder

Rachel's Ramblings

People with an ASD don’t want friends.

Not true. People with an ASD want friends, just like anyone else – they just find the interactions associate with neurotypical socialisation to be very confusing.

Autism can be grown out of.

Not true. With the right help, people with ASD can learn to act in a manner which neurotypical people find easier to relate to – but they never “grow out” of their autism.

Autism is caused by bad parenting.

Not true. Autism has nothing to do with parenting, and in fact, parents whose children have a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder often become some of the most proactive and attentive parents.

People with an ASD are stupid.

Not true. Like neurotypical people, those on the spectrum have a wide range of IQs, and in fact are often very intelligent, they simply have difficult communicating it to neurotypicals.

People with an…

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