Goodbye My Dears..

Those black roots tying me to the ground have dissolved. The invisible bond now broken. That dark sky once intriguing invites some light. The highest mountains that once seemed impossible to climb, are now closer in sight. The roar of dark lions echo far away in the distance. Goodbye my dears. Bare branches stemming off above me no longer shadowing my journey. No more eyes peering through spy holes, in hope I’d fuck up. The rivers that surrounded me with washed up tears & fears, no longer. The interrupted thoughts of hope are vanishing slowly but surely. The voice is louder than ever before. She talks of honesty & emotions. Acceptance & Gratefulness. Her mind still a labyrinth of thoughts. Disorientated yet understandable.

Peacocks. Beautiful peacocks. I wish for a blank canvas. A mind full of beautiful thoughts. Beautiful everything. Beautiful colouring. A pinkish mood. A passionate feeling every other hour of the day. The patterned zebra. Those clear oceans with visible jellyfish. Star fish leaving prints. The coconuts falling with a ‘thud’.  The soft caress of sand granules. A brilliantly expressed piece of art. Words jotted all over countless pages. Instant photographs pinned somewhere on the canvas. A few purple petals hanging down. Pull a star closer. Dim the negatives.  


2 thoughts on “Goodbye My Dears..

    1. I am indeed! My way of saying goodbye to the past I despised..I know I haven’t blogged in a few days but I have now..Hope your good?

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