Tangled In Abandoned Dreams

Hold me hostage in this abandoned dawn

Stuttered rhythms

Dip me in your dreams

Colour me pretty


Even through the clouded mask she rises, shines bright

Tangled in heated ties

A symphony echos 

Pulling; Drifting away


Thoughts thinning down, Orange’s descending with grace

Mix the palette, stir the scents

An orchestra confused, strings & keys clashing

Aching, Release all ties


Dusk settles in beautifully

Smothered in honey 

Unable to escape 

Blinking the tears away 


She wakes.


6 thoughts on “Tangled In Abandoned Dreams

  1. Great poem! I really like the way you’ve put the beginning of each line in italics; I’ve never seen that done before – it’s very effective at emphasizing those lines. 🙂

    1. Hey Daniel,

      Nice to hear from you again 😀 Thank you I like to be as different as possible 😉 Thanks for stopping by, all the best. 🙂

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