Thought Maze

Processing thoughts faster & faster. Unable to filter out those that truly matter. The world suddenly crumbles.

Lock me away for a few days. Close off all ties just for a while. A mind in tatters.

The stained glass paints a pretty picture. Bouncy colours everywhere. I wish I was that pretty picture.

An envious mind want’s everything. The greed is in the air. Money spilling everywhere.

The lonely being settling for nothing. A busy world far away some how. Happiness was too much to ask for.

Living in a fucked up society only makes me angry. The laughs of power bellow over the cries of those suffering.ย sick. How can we be so blind?!

Advancing rapidly now. The minds unable to catch up. Say goodbye to those left behind.

Talk to me in secrecy. Tell me everything you know. The whispers of knowledge beyond our ears. I need to know.

That string pulls me in with it’s alluring tone. Dragging me back from the waters fall. Snap back to reality. Oh what a shambles.

Someone’s always got to be in charge. Rules excluding the grey. When that’s what really matters.

Battle of the riches. Behind the scene fuck ups. War of the egos, no ones really a winner.

Sticky fingers linger. Always wanting. Never satisfied.

The pages feel homely to my mind. A story worth escaping for.

A complex organ hungry for fuel. Feed it what it needs.

The youthful dream like reality I miss. Adrenaline pumps constantly.

I don’t want to grow up. Sue me.

With one chance in life. Growing up is pointless.

I will not leave here until my job is done here.

Grateful for this impulsive mind.

The maze can’t seduce me.

Gone in a heartbeat.



6 thoughts on “Thought Maze

    1. Thank you! I wish I had the ability to trust my own instincts with writing! It’s taken me ages to come out in public with it all! Thanks for passing by.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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