Rose – Fucked Thoughts

Rose thorns slits in this wrist. Silly bitch. Stumbling. The road is thinning. Rocks cuts her knees. Dusty air, can’t see shit clearly. A sparkly milky way paints the roof. Diamond stars cuts through the walls. Bees buzz. All up in her hair. Poisonous petals sprinkled over tiles. Dark life. 

Hang a ballerina by her precious slippers. Twist her round & round. Make her pristine world hazy. Oh here comes the butterfly to save her day. Wraps her up in a pretty blanket. Paints her a pretty picture. Pink roses. Idyllic.

Give those weaklings in ‘control’ a toy to play with. A fucking spin top will keep them removed for days. Worn down paths attract the slumped zombies. Greater paths collects grass. The minds swiftly over ruled. Buy this shit it will kill you! 🙂 Great enthusiasm from the suited fuck. Happy to defeat our own. Black rose. Freeze it & snap it.

Romance in Venice with a grand piano. Sounds of dirty water lapping up against her. Let the Gondola take her secrets far away. Stitch a rose into her heart. Play out the keys before she passes. Peach roses at her feet.

Hypnotize me with your shitty stories. Blow my mind with those explosive words. Shoot my brains out with a fired up fuck you give. 

Apply your pen to paper and draw the fuck out of me. Slip a rose thorn into your top pocket. Let your heart bleed the pain I felt. Abstract hearts bubble over your big head. What a shame. It’s too late. Love is sacred my dear.

A blueish rose hangs over the smelly vase. Ivy tangles over the doors. Locked in. A Slow vocal melody blesses her ears. Baby origami swans & stars fill a jar. Luck. Splatters of crimson ink paints roses on the dark walls. Below this galaxy in my skies is a beautiful still life. My life.


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