Raising Awareness – Bryan Thomas in Tondo, Manila. (Please Share!)

BRYAN THOMAS – http://www.justprojects.org

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Hey guys,

Thanks for passing by! I have been following Bryan Thomas on Instagram for a while now and have been amazed & heart broken at the same time from the story I see in his pictures. 

As you can see I have posted some of his pictures whilst he is stopping by in Tondo, Manila. He doesn’t just stop here he travels to various other places to spend time with the families & try to help as much as possible. If you follow his footsteps on his travels via the sites I have linked below you can see loads more! So..I am hoping you guys can help me spread awareness & re-post this! I know I am not the only one that would love to see changes in the world especially with poverty stricken countries. I believe even by just sharing these pictures to as many eyes that can see will make a small change. I feel that once you see how different our worlds are apart we can start thinking more wisely about money & how easy we have it. 

You see….many people see soldiers fighting a war as the heroic men of the world. Well I don’t. I see these kids that are hungry, covered in filth, ragged clothing as heroic. They are unable to have much pride in their life yet you still see the boy smiling! He still manages to find humor and it really makes me realise how much I take for granted. Those that suffer daily are brave & have more courage than many of us put together! My heart goes out to all those out there..

So if you guys have some time..It only takes a moment to share this post to Facebook, WordPress or anywhere else you can just to raise some awareness of how tough it can be. It could be any one of us one day, or our future generation. We would want the same so come on guys help me out here! 😀 I will be posting a few links below to find more images & feedback on Bryan’s journey. Please follow him on the links below too 🙂 

Thank you all for reading this. Appreciated! All Pictures are owned by Bryan Thomas.



6 thoughts on “Raising Awareness – Bryan Thomas in Tondo, Manila. (Please Share!)

    1. Thank you so much! I really need this post re-posted please! If possible..I would appreciate it very much! 🙂

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