All or Nothing/Black & White Living..

The numb sensation cuddles me. Heavy weighted clouds confine me. Inhaling deadly bullshit daily nearly kills me.

Tripping on my own high seeing triple. Skipping down the dark alleys. Please come & hurt me, I’ll only ask once!

Deep in a book thoughts wander. Overdose on a thousand letters. Coffee spills burning her heart. Oh what a pretty life she leads..

Misty thoughts clasp around my neck and strangle me. Death do us part you mother fucking hypocrite.

Eyes alert danger. A mouth that foams. Talk to me & I will kill you.

That feeling of black. The world suddenly collapses. There is no tomorrow.



Waking up. She beats on the window. All rays & heated love.

A toss here a turn there. A flicker of the dream falling away. She wakes.

‘What a lovely day it is today!’

Days tick away. Black and white vanishes for a while. Brain calms.

Floating on clouds her mind feeling a high. Puffing out Os and daydreaming. Life could be perfect.

Tip toes on the golden marble floor. Spinning in circles gracefully. Oh what a beautiful world.


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