A Quickie To My Heart

I will wait a whole life time..

I will be here when you walk through those doors


Madly in lust with you coward..

Society’s idea of a joke

Creeping into your bed in the early hours

Share those nightmares we both caught


Smell the sense I appreciate

For the smell of your bit on the side still lingers

Never fuck with a woman’s intuition baby

We always come out winning


Slipping a letter into your hand

Expresses the fucked up thoughts

I can’t commit

Fuck it..


Late night messages buzzing into my life

Heartfelt lies, Twisted fuck stories, Silly slow jams spilling out

A quickie to my heart, yet..

You got there and drummed the beats out of it


Midnight feasts mixed with a fruity wine

Ivy legs tangled in each others, under the big white ball

Telling me your nostalgic memories

Lost in a different galaxy I see behind your eyes


Steal me a spaceship and fire me to space

Enough of your words, just a pretty face

Ignite the fire you once started

If not it’s bye baby, it’s time we parted


Your touch no longer replays in my mind

Questions repeating, time wasting

I deserve better I know this

I just can’t let go


Separate ourselves just for a year or two

Let me see the world through my own eyes


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