Tables Will Turn – Shades Of Black

That’s it you thick mother fucker, choose to ignore my rules..

Watch in agony as I tie you up tight, cutting your legs & hands

Watch with death in your eyes as I stab electricity into you

Cry words I will refuse to hear, bah bah stupid creature

Beg your mercy I still ignore, who are you to me?

Salty tears blind your eyesight, ah what a shame..


Bang to your mouth, shut up you loud shit I do not care

Dragging you around the circus floor as you lay there helpless

I’ll prod you fucking hard until you obey my orders

Worthless fuck listen to me!

Kicking your face down in the dirt with my heavy boot

Laugh at you struggling to move


I’ll Parade you around a crowded tent of idiots, naked

Perform for me you silly bitch, no time for yawning

You will pay later you waste of thought

If I don’t make my money I will beat you silly

You are nothing to me, die now and wait another death for a tear

Worthless creature


Tables have turned you sick excuse of a human

These poor animals no longer suffer in your fantasy


I will laugh at you whilst you are beaten within an inch of your life

I will ignore your last breaths of life, like you did mine

I will kick your face deep into the dirt, six feet under


These thick people think making animals like me doing tricks not in my nature is a good idea?

Well I think it’s a good idea to tie you the fuck up and hurt you

Let the bright lights blind you

Starve you and no I will not buckle under your worthless glare


You are nothing to me now you treat me like this

Don’t expect me to save you

All I needed was comfort and care

Yet you failed to communicate with me

So no, I won’t save you from your regretful nightmare

People like you can’t be saved


6 thoughts on “Tables Will Turn – Shades Of Black

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for passing by & following 🙂 I have just had a quick browse through your blog and it looks so interesting! I will take some time to read some poetry over there too.
      Oh and of course, I am also following you now 😀 Great blog!

      Thanks so much! I just had to drum the words out, it’s a topic I feel sensitive about 🙂

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