And The Sunshine Award Goes To…

Hello guys,

Hope you all have enjoyed your weekend! I came online today just to check my blog and my day was made! I received this lovely nomination from the amazingly wonderful Anna Rose Meeds and in all honesty it’s just what I needed 🙂 


I have been on what feels like an awfully long journey.  Since being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome early last year, my life has slowly become my own. In some cases it has been a hard journey with depression lurking over me, but I really am pleased I made this blog and have been able to communicate with others that also have Aspergers or Depression. 

I remember growing up feeling strange and alien like. I never seemed to be open with those around me as I was scared of being judged or mocked. I am slowly getting better with telling those around me my hobbies without feeling horrible inside. I am also slowly opening up about the Asperger traits and some ADHD traits I would hide at home.

I never got any help from my GP after the diagnosis and my faith in the system dropped drastically. But then I found online blogging which I like to call my second home. Here I have been able to talk openly with delightful people in similar situations and feel relieved it wasn’t just me feeling slightly insane 😀 

So I would also love for you guys to follow the lovely Anna for me and get an insight into her life too 🙂


  • Display the logo in a post.
  • Link to the person who nominated you.
  • Write 10 pieces of information about yourself.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers who positively and creatively others in the blogosphere.



  1. I often fantasize about being a super hero saving those who suffer in the world. Courage is what I’m lacking at the moment.
  2. I hope to write books through out my life time, just hope to share whatever wisdom I gain with others.
  3. I love Chinese chop sticks (even though I can’t use them just yet ;))
  4. I get obsessed with doing things I enjoy quite easily eg. going to cinemas all the time.
  5. I am quite content in life with a friends. Support is something I haven’t felt in my life & I do now, which means so much to me.
  6. I never have been career minded or materialistic.
  7. I am intrigued by history.
  8. I love going to the gym & Zumba classes.
  9. I prefer movies to TV.
  10. I don’t like clones or sheep followers.

Ok that’s enough about my dull life 😀 Here are 10 guys I would love to nominate for this award:


  1. Sherri Matthews
  2. Anthony (lessonplanforlife)
  3. Green Embers
  4. Insung
  5. Patti Hall
  6. Kristen Mazzola
  7. Fairytale Epidemic
  8. Aspie Story
  9. Marilyn
  10. Peaceful Rampage



16 thoughts on “And The Sunshine Award Goes To…

  1. Congrats!! I don’t like clones or sheep followers either, although, actually I’m not really sure what those are. I do like chopsticks. We used them to eat sushi for lunch, and yum!! Good things happen around chopsticks in my house. 🙂

    1. Thank you Brenda 🙂 and a BIG thank you for passing by 😀

      Haha sheep & clones are what I like to call those that follow. They are almost unable to think for themselves. They tend to follow trends etc. They tend to look alike etc.

      I love the pretty looking ones, I’ve collected a few of them now 😀

      Please stay in touch Brenda, 🙂

      P.S sorry about all the smileys, going through a bit of a phase with them at the moment 😉

      1. Wow, well you make it sound unappealing to be trendy. Good thing I’m an outlier, a weirdo in the tall grass, hanging out with the wee folk. 😉

    1. You are welcome Insung! 😀

      Ermm ok, firstly save the picture that’s on here.

      Secondly, go to dashboard, then go to ‘posts’ and you will see ‘add new’ near the top. Click that and on there you will see a visual/text box to add your post to.

      Thirdly, click visual, then click ‘add media’ and upload it from your documents then click ‘ok’ and it will be in your post 😀

      Comment if you need me 😀

  2. Thank you once again my love for sending me your special brand of sunshine my way 🙂 I read what you share here and want to weep. The help ‘out there’ for Aspies is so hard to find. After 2 years of pushing, pushing, pushing, my daughter is now being seen by an Asperger trained psycologist to try and help her with her severe social anxiety.
    What you shared about not wanting to be judged or laughed at is exactly how she has always felt. If she ever thinks that someone is doing that she becomes enraged, but of couse this leads to depression and anxiety.
    I am so glad that since you have been blogging you have been feeling better about things but is there an Asperger team near where you live or a loca branch of the National Autistic Society which could maybe give you some information? My daughter would never do this on her own so I have looked into this on her behalf but it is still difficult because she is an adult (21 now!) and there is the whole data protection issue…!!!
    Sounds like you are finding ‘your way’ though, and what works for you on your own unique personal journey. Always the daily struggle though, I see it plainly in my daughter…
    My daughter also loves the cinema! The more gore, violence and horror the better! She wants me to go with her to see The Conjurer with her next…I’m petrified already!
    Maria, just as you are being helped and supported here, so you are helping and supporting so many, me included! Have a beautful evening you beautiful young lady…:-)

    1. You are very welcome as always!! 😀

      I know, it actually disgusts me that when I went to ask for help from my GP he shrugged it off and laughed saying there was no one I could see to discuss the Aspergers itself etc..I’ve had CBT now for 16 weeks which hasn’t helped, and it took until the 15 session for my therapist to realize that! I mean it’s helped in some ways but not enough, and not in the area I need.

      I think the system is completely messed up. Oh that’s good! But two years is a very long time!! Have you gone private or through the NHS? This is it! They diagnose us with something then leave us in the lurch, then we end up getting depressed etc and it’s more time wasted. Drives me mad!

      Yeah, there’s the National Autistic Society here I think, my therapist asked if I would attend a group meeting with other women. I don’t think I could handle that to be honest but have been meaning to get in touch with them online!

      Same as me! I love horrors but I’ve noticed they make me get anxiety with bad thoughts etc but that doesn’t stop me haha 😀 I wanted to see that one too! Is it still out?

      Aww, thank you for those lovely words 😀 Hope your having a positive week? xxx

      1. Ah Maria, yes, it really is shocking the lack of help for Asperger’s. Now the government cut backs are coming down even heavier. My daughter would never attend a group session either and although she has not had CBT yet, she already thinks it won’t help but then she is told she is being negative!
        The Asperger psycologist was employed by the Somerset Asperger team in January, up until then they didn’t have one! He is the only one for the whole county so I believe! I had to really push for us to see him and my daughter’s care coordinator did not seem to ‘get it’. It’s all through the NHS. There are private specialists but I know it would be pricey.
        My daughter was taken to see some social housing and it terrifed her. She is better off with us until she is ready to move out. You are absolutely right about being diagnosed and then being left in the lurch. This is exactly what has happened, she was diagnosed 2 years ago and then nothing. In that time she has become severelly socially avoidant and suffers from depression and severe anxiety.
        I’m really hoping this psycologist, being trained in Asperger’s, can help. Nobody else has. The GPs can’t that’s for sure. Maybe you could try to ask your therapist to refer you to an Asperger specialist, someone who really knows what they are talking about with from an Aspie point of view?
        Well, I’m sure you have done all this already, and I don’t mean to ‘teach you how to suck eggs’ but I get so angry and frustrated about the lack of help out there for all ‘Aspies’. I wish I could help and do so much more!!

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