Childhood Sick

The white flowery dress mum insisted I wore..

Dad playing the role of Santa Claus hiding presents in random places..

The scribbled letter, milk and carrots for the reindeer’s..

Hanging over the pushchair to see/hear the rubber wheels move over wet pavements

The greyhound Queenie I adored..

My bright red tricycle I treated like my ride, never left my side..

The clip in Barbie extensions purples and pinks..

Walks in the over grown forest, petrified of ferns..

Sucking my thumb til’ it hurt..

The ‘big’ hotel. Amazed at the black and white spirally stairs..

Keyboards. Banging out the keys, Fur Elise..

Trip to the Philippines, feels like a dream..

Rain forest museum, droplets and big green leaves..

Stella’s guinea pigs..

Sitting in the snow for hours..

Sunday mass confusion, Easter egg hunts..

The sounds of Abba. Waterloo. 

My precious Snoopy & Hippy kiddy diarys..

The parties at Auntie’s, Filipino dishes and board games..

Chess competitions with anyone who would play me..

Fun fairs, sick on the waltzers..

Trips to Portsmouth..Simpsons magazine, smell of sick..

My black lab Rossy..

Random letters to mum and dad, too shy to ask..

Potion making in the bath tub..

Disney movies, Red Dwarf, X Files..

The brown Cortina, Traffic light coloured, lolly looking car smelly..

Rose’s sprayed all over the plates..

The yellow haired clown thrown into a corner, never gone back..

The ‘snakes’ living in the gap next to the bed..

My hideous choice of outfits..

Drag racing and hotdogs..

My books, my treasures no one elses..

Fireworks and hideous ear muffs..

Trip to Steve’s before Christmas. Beautiful art work, interesting house..

Grease 2..The scent from the burger..


I fancied a different blog post tonight guys 😀 So here are just a few of my memories from my childhood..

Post some of yours too I’m intrigued to see how you guys were living as kids 🙂


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