Pretty Little Flower


Her long slender torso reaches for the stars as she grows

Praying that no one will destroy her in their path

Opening her leafy arms and reaching for the achievement

Thankful she made it all the way up

Relaxing into life flashing her spiky thorn-like leaves at those who face her

Dare to approach her and she will hurt you

Life looks still yet beautiful from up here

Pretty colourful shades of petals to shield her

Everyday becomes a mission to stay up right and pretty

Once she’s established herself no one seems to notice anymore

All in her beautiful grace she fights to stay

Golden petals attracting what she hopes for – attention

No one saw her journey upwards

No one cared to look close enough

Yet right before their eyes she grew

Yes she..That Pretty Little Flower


4 thoughts on “Pretty Little Flower

  1. Maria, sorry I didn’t get to comment on this earlier but I really liked this. I love the thought of we never see what a person goes through to be what they are. It’s one of my favorite themes. (Or I might be projecting a bit… but I hope I got that right).

    1. No worries Bradley! 🙂

      I’m so glad you like it! When you suggested flowers I died inside lol, I’m rubbish with object based poetry, it’s something I need to focus on more I think. I had to put a twist into it 😉 Especially for you! Haha 🙂 & you got it spot on.. 🙂

      Hope your having a good weekend?

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